A.R.P.O Guesthouse

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Room Prices (as of 2016):

Standard Room - 95 Kina (single or double occupancy)
Dorm - 35 Kina (up to 4 people max. / 35 Kina / person)

Extras & Services:

Extra bedding: 20 Kina
Laundry: 10 Kina

We also help you with car rental and other services to make your stay more convenient.


We are located in South-West Goroka. It's only 5-10 minutes by PMV or 25 minutes walking-distance into the city centre. Please see our map. We pinpointed our guesthouse for you.



What to do in Goroka/Eastern Highlands

There are plenty of options and we are willing to help you with any request. Please be patient since our mentality doesn't know "right now" or "immediately" - please get in touch with us a day before your activities!

Not far from our guesthouse is a nice park called "goroka natural habitat". Kelly, the owner of the habitat will show you around. They have tree kangeroos, cassowaries, more than 400 different kind of trees, plenty of herbs and flowers and a lot of experience. We can arrange your visit (It will cost you around 20K / person).

From there you can go one step further and learn how to weave a traditional basket, produce a bow and arrow, learn how to make fire traditionally, smoke tobacco through a bamboo bong, make your own tapa clothes or enjoy a nice bamboo chicken.

We also have plenty of trails to walk but you would need a guide since the terrain is difficult to walk in, especially in rain season and some pathes are not marked at all!


We offer 6 similar sized double rooms - we have 2 bathrooms for 3 rooms on each level. Every room is equipped with a small double bed, a table&chair, a cupboard and mirror. For the low-budget travellers we offer one bunkbed room on the upper floor. The room consists of 4 single beds and 4 lockers to keep your stuff safe. Every person will be handed out a towel and a key for the room. Please keep in mind that we have to charge you 50K if you lose the key because we need to exchange the lock as well. All rooms have mosquito netting installed outside the window. We are giving out mosquito nets for the beds if you request it.
Breakfast: We offer a simple breakfast. Please don't expect too much. You will be served tea or coffee and simple toast with some topping in the morning between 6:30 am and 10 am.


Some more pictures of our homestay


Some impressions of our environment


Just get in touch!

Phone Number:

+675 7012 4353


A.R.P.O. Guesthouse
Lapi/Black Corner
441 Goroka
Papua New Guinea